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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Twenty - Hey! What happened to Day Nineteen?

Happy Boxing Day! I was very good today, I stayed home and didn't go to any sales. (Well, I did go out looking at new TV's with my sweet husband, but that was to be a voice of reason, and to help avoid an impulse buy. Lucky for us, he got me away from that plasma TV before it was too late!)

Instead, I worked on my December Daily, finishing Day 20. You may be wondering what happened to Day 19. I was composing my page on Day 20, intending to glue it to Day 19, and before I knew it, I had it all secured in place - on the wrong day! Oh well. This page uses a Tim Holtz die and that new translucent tape. The butterfly is one I made like the green ones, only it's blue.

So now I am working on Day 19, on what should be Day 26. I seem to be falling behind rather drastically. I'm not sure if this December Daily is going to make it to Day 31. I have another project (or 2, or 10) waiting to be completed. Oh dear.

Until next time.....

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