Confessions and Obsessions of a Paper Crafter

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Three - Knit Wit (or, Evidence of Procrastination)

While I was sorting through paper, etc, I came across these fingerless gloves that I started making for my daughter Emily for Christmas - last year. Ah yes, another project started with GOOD INTENTIONS that may never get finished.

I must tell you, it's not completely my fault. First, there was limited time to work on it, because it seemed Emily was always around when I thought of knitting. Then I got almost to the thumb gusset (more about that later) when I realized the pattern had an error in it, and so had to begin again. I restarted a second time when I thought I could mix a visit with a friend of mine and follow a complicated (for me, anyway) pattern. Not. Restart. And then, I got to the thumb gusset, confusion set in, and I haven't knitted a stitch since.

I should have known when I saw that this pattern involved using 4 needles. Imagine that, 4 needles for 2 hands! Impossible!

But I am very proud to tell you that although I needed black brads, I DIDN'T GO OUT AND BUY THEM. I used silver ones and painted them. (Did I tell you they take a very long time to dry?)

Until the next time....

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