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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Nine - Oh Joy!

There is not much going on at our house that is Christmassy. Mostly we're just working, and doing the normal things we do every day of the year. There are no sleigh rides, no rocking around any Christmas trees, and definitely a lack of chestnuts on an open fire. It's a good thing I have this journal to remind me that the holidays are on their way! (Not to mention the box of Christmas cards sitting on the kitchen table, waiting to be signed, addressed and sent out. I gotta tell you, I'm not looking forward to the line ups at the post office).

After the incident on Day Seven, I bought (oops) some letter stickers. It was purely for self-preservation, I didn't think I needed another cut on my fingers.
(I will admit, the ribbon and paper I also purchased were strictly on impulse).
Hopefully you're managing to find Joy in the everyday activies we all have to do, holidays or not.
Until next time....

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