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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day s Twelve and Thirteen (AWOL!)

I've had a busy past few days. There was that hockey game, and then I decided that I was going to get those Christmas cards out NMW (translation: No Matter What), and then there was the tree to contend with.

Day 12's photo is of my Christmas cards. It has glitter on it, so now there is glitter all over my kitchen table. I cut the birdie out with my Silhouette, and inked it with Distress inks (I figured what the heck, I have butterflies in this book, why not birds? Think I'll stop there... no bees!) It is saved from being too spring-like by having poinsettias around it. There is a tag that comes out from behind the photo, announcing how many cards I sent out (37), and a couple of the Christmas stamps Canada Post

Day 13 is just colouring with my Copics again. They sure are fun to play with. Then I added Stickles, which are addicting.

As I mentioned, the tree is now up. I must confess that I tried in vain to get rid of this tree. I just don't like it, it's not pre-lit, and it is too big for the room. I thought I could give it to my son and his housemates, but they informed me they were getting a live tree. I bought some new lights, hoping that would make me feel better about having the same tree again this year (this tree attacked me a few years ago, but that is another story). Then my dear husband came to the rescue. Why not just trim it, he suggested? Why not?

And so there he was, in his workshop (aka garage), sawing, trimming, etc to make the tree 6 inches shorter, and a smaller diameter, so that it actually fits in the space I have reserved for it.

Thanks, honey.

Now, about that pre-lighting......

Until tomorrow.....

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