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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Part 2 of the Bullet Journal Experiment

And so the saga continues....

After deciding I must set up my own bullet journal, I spent too much time looking at Pinterest and Instagram, checking out the many versions people have created.  And the same question kept coming up....

What the heck would I put in this journal?

Well, I am a list maker, so likely lists.  And I work, so probably my work schedule.  Appointments would be good.  And maybe birthdays, and any family parties or events.  I was on a roll!

I must admit, after watching Ryder Carroll's video on setting up the bullet journal, I was already changing up his version to suit my own needs.  For example, he suggests starting off with an index.  I am not doing this.  I know I won't keep it up.  I do like the "year at a glance" page, and I'm setting up the monthly page like he did... only with a bit of colour.

So I will admit right now, these layouts are ideas I got from Pinterest.  I saw those cute little day of the week boxes, and I just had to copy them.  Who knew a tiny black triangle could add so much?  I am sorry I cannot remember whose site I saw them on, so I cannot give credit. 

Now the next problem I'm having with this journal, are the "collections", things like gardening journals, books to read, and lists of UFO's (unfinished objects, of which I have many) to complete, etc.  These are things that I may still need to refer to, once the bullet journal is complete, and I've moved on to the next one (hopefully that happens, but we'll see). 

So I've decided to create a collections bullet journal as well.  This one will have an index.  And what better place to marry the two.... than in a Midori type journal!  Both can co-exist in the same journal, separate but together.  And when one is finished it can replaced, without disturbing the other.

Oh boy..........  Here we go again!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bullet Journals - An Old Idea in a New Age?

Bullet Journals - An Old Idea in a New Age

First of all, let me say that time flies, and I had gotten so busy with life that this poor blog has been neglected, and I'm sorry about that.  I've had many distractions, probably the most time consuming being Pintrest. 

And today I was there again, checking on what's new and exciting. What caught my eye was "bullet journaling".  What could this be? I had to know!  The word "journaling" is like a magnet to me!

Several hours and many, many pins later, I had my answer. It's pretty much a daily planner - on paper!  Plus you can make all kinds of lists and tables and trackers. If you have a "paper problem" like I do, this is another excuse to buy more journals, pens and washi tape and create to your heart's content. 

As I read, it occurred to me that not that many years ago, all we had were paper based planners. Then came the "electronic age", and computers, "Palm Pilots", cell phones and tablets, with built in calenders, reminders, lists and apps that led us to believe that paper was passé.  Oh yes, I admit I've had my fair share of electronic devices, but I've not had much luck with inputting dates and such. Mostly it seems like too much work, by the time I've found the edit button, edited the wrong day, fixed that, fought with autocorrect and then lost the date in the app somewhere....

How novel to be able to just pick up a pen (or pencil, or crayon or whatever) and just write down your date or list or event in your planner! And if you want to change or delete something, you can just erase it, or cross it out! And best of all, no autocorrect! (Pinterest has scads of autocorrect disasters!)

Well of course I felt I needed to jump on this bullet journaling bandwagon.  In fact I've already started.  I have a Moleskine journal that I was using for "event planning" (events like grocery shopping, packing lists, etc).  And I already have pens and pencils (how many and what kinds we won't discuss), and I might just have a roll or 2 (or 20) of washi tape around the house.....

To be continued......

Saturday, July 20, 2013

More from the Travel Journal with the Leaning "L"

 Here are a few more pages from the travel journal of my last post.  Once again, these are made from Basic Grey "Wanderer" collection.  There is the odd bit of Graphic 45 papers, I just can't resist adding it!  The city skyline is made with my Silhouette.

I mentioned in my last post that I wished Tim would come out with Distress Markers in those yummy new colours he introduced recently.  Well, it appears my dreams have come true, because 12 new colours have been added!  You can bet I will be buying those as soon as they find their way to my local scrapbooking store!

On a personal note, I must admit I have not done anything creative in the last 2 weeks.  This is because my daughter was injured in a car accident, and most of my energy has been devoted to caring for her  as she recovers.  I walk into my scrapbooking room, and I have no desire to cut, glue or colour.  All I want to do is sit by her side, and thank God she is still alive.
My daughter is a very active young woman, attending university, working, volunteering, dancing and hanging out with her friends.  It is so hard for her to be dependant on her dad and I for nearly all her needs.  Although she will recover, it seems forever in the future to her.  She is getting very bored at home, and today I mentioned to her that it might be fun to print up some of her photos from her last vacation and put them in an album. 

So tomorrow, that is what we will do.  I hope the happy memories cheer her, the beautiful papers we will use will lift her spirits, and the craft of
scrapbooking will become something she and I can share.

One thing is for sure, I have enough paper and stuff for both of us for the next 50 years!

Until next time.....

Friday, July 5, 2013

Basic Grey "Wanderer" Travel Journal

 My son recently went on a trip to New York and Boston, so of course I had to make him a travel journal to take along.  I don't know if he used it, or ever will, but it gave me an excuse to use up some of my Basic Grey stash.

Now I love BG, but I will say that sometimes the papers are a little tricky to use.  There is a LOT of colour going on.  And since this is a journal for a guy, I decided there would be no flowers and no lace.  Plus it had to lay flat, so no bulky embellishments.

The journal is bound using a Zutter Bind-It-All.  The lined pages were printed on my computer, then stamped with Tim Holtz stamps.  The clock face on the cover and the compass were cut using my Silhouette.  The quotes I found on various sites on the internet.  The journal measures 5 1/2" X 8 1/2.

Now I must apologize for the little "L" on the cover, it seems to be leaning.  Usually I glue letters down using one of those glue pens, but someone told me about using a tape runner on small pieces.  Obviously, this doesn't always work.  I think from now on I'll be "sticking" to my glue pen (no pun intended!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

I have no good or ready excuse for being AWOL for so long (and by now you are wondering if I'm a cowgirl or a military sort - really I'm neither), but let's just say life gets in the way sometimes!

This is a birthday card I made for my Darling Husband.  It's made with the Animal Spirit stamps, and coloured with a variety of markers.  My favourite ones to colour these stamps with are Tim's Distress Markers, and those Spica pens, to give a little glitter.  For some of the larger areas that need to be a more neutral colour, I often use a pencil crayon.

And speaking of Distress Markers, is it just me, or are others hoping that some of those "limited edition" Distress Inks(like Mowed Lawn, and Salty Ocean, and Picked Raspberry) are going to find their way to becoming Markers? 

Anyway, back to the Animal Spirit stamps, which I seem to be COLLECTING on a regular basis, I like these, because
they take me back to my youth (and now you think I'm like 90 years old, which I'm not), when I would colour those big Doodle Art Posters, that came with 10 or 12 markers, that would dry out before the darn poster was finished!  These are easier to complete, that's for sure.

And talking about completing, I am very sorry to say that after March, I gave up on the Art Journal Calendar pages.  I did enjoy doing them, but I found I was always trying to catch up, and it was more of a chore than a pleasure, which is what it should be about!

I have been working on another calendar, this one is made with the Graphic 45 papers "Place in Time".  I'm doing one a month, using photos from a trip we took last year to Alaska.  When it's complete, I plan to turn it into a mini album.

Until next time......

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dylusional Calendar Challenge

 So my first New Year's RESOLUTION (using up what I have, before I buy anything more - it's the same resolution and make and break every year!) went straight out the window when I took a class involving Dylusions Ink sprays. Of course I had to buy some to try, and then I hit the 'net in an attempt to learn EXACTLY how to use them ( I swear I should have been a researcher).
During my online searches, I came across a calendar challenge by Kate Crane.  I was smitten.  So much colour!  I had to try it!  And so here is my January page.  It's only a singe page, because I'm getting started half way through the month.
The book is sketch book (8 1/2 x 11).  I had read (in my extensive online research sessions) that a layer of gesso would prevent the inks, etc. from soaking through the paper, so I put a layer on both sides.  Then I went crazy with acrylic paint.  I even tried out the credit card technique!

Next came the ink sprays, which didn't always stick on the paint.  But it gave some nice puddling effects.  I bought some light modeling paste, and with a snowflake stencil, added some flakes.  They started off white, but as they dried, they soaked up the ink (which was dry) and turned blue.  You can sort of see one under the "y" in January.  Wanting some white snowflakes (I'm rather traditional), I stamped some in white pigment ink.  But they turned blue too!  Lucky for me the ink is extremely slow drying, and I embossed them in white. 
The snowman is from Tim Holtz, and coloured with Copics.  The finished page now has the feel of wallpaper.  It's very strange, maybe it's the gesso.

The colourful squares are 1 1/2", and the idea is to write, draw or decorate one a day.  Here is where my real problem begins - WHAT do I put in that little square???  I already write in a daily journal, and the square is too small to write much anyway.  So far I have just been decorating them with a "stamp of the day", or a thought or funny thing that happened during the day. 

Next month I'll try a  double page, and I think my colour scheme is going to be RED for Valentine's day.  This will necessitate more ink sprays......

Until next time....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013, Yes I'm still Around!

There is supposed to be a lovely photo that I took of an owl here, but for some reason, Blogger is not giving me the option of uploading it from my computer.  I must say if I had to do it all over again..... think I might be looking at a different blog service!

Anyway, it has been a long time since I last posted to this blog, not sure what happened to the time, but I will tell you I got a lot done in the way of Christmas cards and gifts!  My darling husband was getting a little worried, wondering if I would ever come out of my scrapbooking room again!   I managed to make 2 books, a pair of slippers (those I knitted!), a framed 12x12 scrapbooked page, a tea dispenser and a mini album.  All completed, and wrapped!

And now it's 2013, and time for some RESOLUTIONS.
1) Finish my current UFO afghan
2) Finish up my travel journals (I have a few unfinished ones hanging around)
3) No impulse shopping for scrapbooking/stamping/crafting items!

Okay, that's enough.
Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

Until next time.....