Confessions and Obsessions of a Paper Crafter

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ah- Ha! v.s. Uh-oh!

Have you ever had one of those "Ah-ha!" moments, where things make sense, or you've figured out how to do something - it's usually a positive thing.

Or how about an "Uh-oh!" moment, when you suddenly realize things are not going according to plan, or you've made some blunder that's going to be tough to fix? Well, I had one of those "uh-oh" moments this week with my Caribbean gatefold album.

I was at an all day crop last weekend, and decided to work on the inner pages - "Stop stalling," I told myself, "and just get them done!" I think I may have mentioned that little voice before, and how it's never a good idea to listen to it urging me on to "just" do something. Anyway, I listened to myself, and glued some Bo Bunny paper onto the back of the Websters Pages (sounds crazy I know, but I was trying to tone down the loud patterning on the back of the Websters paper). It looked great. Then, once home, I realized my great faux pas. I had cut the Websters Pages the same size as the back cover. "So?" you ask. Well, I reply, this means the pages won't close as they are going to bump into the wire binding I plan to hold it all together! Now I have to trim off 3/8 " off each page, which is no big deal, except I have to make some decisions about which side to trim.... and you know how I am about decisions. Until I figure out what to do...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Covers Complete!

After much arranging, re-arranging and agonizing, the cover of my gatefold album is complete. Now I just have to do all those inside pages! I'm also going to change that stamp on the post card. I plan to buy stamps on our trip, and use those on the post card. More about that in a future post!

I was playing around with my Tattered Angels Glimmer Chips and Glimmer Glass, and the little fish was the result. I painted the chip part with Luminere Paint, and then spread glossy accents over top, and popped on a matching Glimmer Glass piece. Annoyingly, not all the chips have matching glass pieces.

I also tried some other types of paints, and learned that thicker paint is not better, it makes the little designs in the chips disappear. And less is more when you work with these, if the chips get too wet the paper on the surface of them starts to "pill" and rub off. Painting on Glimmer Mist seems to work better than spraying (for me anyway, those darn sprayers clog), and Distress Inks lightly brushed over the tops work to pick up the ridges on the chips and so make the pattern on them stand out.

And now, its on to the inner pages! Until I have some to show you, ta-ta!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll be out of my Room for Another Week

Yes, it's true, I won't be able to do too much in my scrapbooking room for another week. We thought Emily's new bed would be here Saturday, but it's going to be next week now.

Adding to my CONFUSION over my gatefold album, which I thought was coming along nicely, is the fact that my dear friend Debbie went shopping yesterday, and came across a sale. This sale was for Tattered Angels, and many of the Glimmer Chips, Glimmer Glass, screens and stamps were at ridiculous prices. She bought me some that will go perfectly with my album. This means that I must rethink some of the plans that I had, as I now have some wonderful new things to play with and add in!

I have mentioned that I often go to YouTube for ideas on how to use products, and I must say there are not a lot to do with Tattered Angels, except for the usual spray, spray, mist, mist. I think I may have to just play with some of this stuff and come up with my own ideas. I'm thinking inking some of these things with Distress Inks, or Alcohol inks, especially the Glimmer Glass.

The little houses in the picture were made about 7 years ago, and are made from scraps of wood from my darling husband's workshop. I guess they are just simple folk-art, but I really like them. Plus they were fun to make. That's the thing, isn't it? Art should be fun.

Until next time....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Birthday Card for my Daughter

Yesterday was my daughter Emily's birthday, so of course I had to make her a card! The bunny stamp is by Stampavie, and the grass stamp is by Art Impressions, inked with distress ink (I forget the green I used). The paper is Bo Bunny (how appropriate!), and the trims are things I had hanging around.

UPDATE: My scrapbooking room is still full of Emily's furniture. Her room is painted, and we have now cleaned the carpets, so we are now waiting on the new bed and mattress. The only person (and I use the term loosely) happy with the situation is William the cat, who rather enjoys being able to get into places where I can't reach him. As I result of these conditions, I am not overly inspired to work on my Caribbean album, because I can't find anything, or get to my supplies.

Maybe next week...