Confessions and Obsessions of a Paper Crafter

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Stamp

I had a grand idea for my album, and that was to get POSTAGE STAMPS from each of the ports we visited on our Caribbean trip. I love stamps, both the inking kind and the postage variety.

Our first port was Nassau, and we were walking about and stumbled upon a post office. I bought these three stamps, which I thought was a pretty reasonably priced souvenir.

The next 2 ports, St. Thomas and St. Martin, were another story. We were on excursions that whisked us from the ship to our island destination, and there was no time for searching for a post office. So I didn't get stamps from those countries. (Hmm, maybe I'll just have to go back...)

On another note, I was at a Copics class last night, and wouldn't you know I forgot my glasses. The result was my colouring was way OUTSIDE THE LINES. My precious husband is away this weekend, so I have lots of time to find my glasses, and try, try again. I may need to go back to Kindergarten to get a colouring refresher on staying inside the lines!

Until next time (unless this business about the Rapture is true!)....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How does a Week Pass so Quickly?

We are back from our Caribbean holiday, and now that I am recovered from the jet lag, time change, rich food, lack of sleep, etc. etc, I am ready to take on the task of completing my Caribbean album!

Step one was finishing my journalling. I had hoped to journal every day, and I almost did it, but those late nights on the last 2 nights were IMPOSSIBLE, so I ended up journalling those days once I was home.

The next thing was to order my pictures. We took about 450 pictures, which I thought was quite a few, but I've had peope tell me, "That's nothing! I took over 1000 on our trip!" Isn't the digital age great? Remember the days of bringing back rolls of film, having the pictures developed, only to find out you'd left the lens cap on, or some similar disaster? There are some drawbacks about so many pictures, and that is having to DECIDE which to print. I whittled it down to 195 pictures, to which my precious husband said, "What are you going to do with all those?"

So now back to REALITY. Besides now having to go back to work, resume cooking and housekeeping duties, I have some decisions to make on the album, and probably some alterations. I think I'm going to work from back to front, since I can't think of how to arrange the first pages.

Until next time... which hopefully will be soon than the last post!