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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Stamp

I had a grand idea for my album, and that was to get POSTAGE STAMPS from each of the ports we visited on our Caribbean trip. I love stamps, both the inking kind and the postage variety.

Our first port was Nassau, and we were walking about and stumbled upon a post office. I bought these three stamps, which I thought was a pretty reasonably priced souvenir.

The next 2 ports, St. Thomas and St. Martin, were another story. We were on excursions that whisked us from the ship to our island destination, and there was no time for searching for a post office. So I didn't get stamps from those countries. (Hmm, maybe I'll just have to go back...)

On another note, I was at a Copics class last night, and wouldn't you know I forgot my glasses. The result was my colouring was way OUTSIDE THE LINES. My precious husband is away this weekend, so I have lots of time to find my glasses, and try, try again. I may need to go back to Kindergarten to get a colouring refresher on staying inside the lines!

Until next time (unless this business about the Rapture is true!)....

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