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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Detour - Mexico!

This last weekend I went on a little retreat with a friend of mine. The PLAN was to go to our cabin, and work (I mean, Play!) on my Caribbean album. It's been slow going, and I have been having some issues with placement of pictures, embellishments, words.....etc. etc.

Anyway, after packing half my scrapbooking room for a 2 day jaunt into the woods, I realized that I had far too much stuff to carry, and no clear plan on what I was going to do. So I thought, why not work on your Mexico album? It's finished, except for putting in the photos! This will be easy! How many decisions can there be?!

So the rule was, I was going to use only ONE LINE of paper, that being Graphic 45 "Boardwalk", plus cardstock. That was easy to pack. And photos. Look, they are all together in an envelope! Scissors, glue, and a little ribbon. The embellishments were going to be cut out of the Boardwalk paper. I fancied that I might even get the album finished over the weekend!

The album is not finished.

Some of the photos were missing from the envelope. The fussy cutting and deciding of placement of the embellishments took longer than anticipated. There was food to eat, and sleep to catch up on. And magazines to read!

No, the album is not finished. But I did get 4 photo pages done. Shown here is the cover, one of day title pages (There's a funny story there. I made up this album before our trip, knowing what our itineray on the cruise would be, and what ports we would be in.

Then along came Tropical Storm Georgette, and the intinerary went out the window. Since I glued everything down so securely, I can't change any of the headings!) and 2 of the photo pages. I figure, a few more retreats, and I may just get this thing done!

Until next time...

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