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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Detour - eReader!

Once again, I have gone off on another wild tangent, this one into the land of eReades. It's a long story, one that began last summer.

I have been plotting and planning on getting an eReader since last summer, but just kept putting it off. Finally decided to take the plunge and JUST BUY ONE. Of course, for me there is no "just buy one", it takes days and days of on-line and in-store research, and asking EVERYONE if they have an eReader, and how do they like it, and what-do-you-think-I-should-buy?

Originally thought I would get a Kindle, but being in Canada kind of adds to the expense (read: duty, taxes, shipping, etc. etc.) When I saw the cute (and so very pink) Sony, I couldn't resist, and so now that's what I have. (Plus, I can actually borrow books digitally from the library! Kan't do that with a Kindle in Kanada!) (NOTE: All those K's were on purpose. I do know how to spell "can't" and "Canada").

And my opinion? Well, if you want something you just take out of the box, turn on and start reading, the Sony is not for you (unless you really enjoy reading instructions. The instructions are 131 digital pages long). Fortunately, I do have some idea about computers, so syncing to my computer, setting up accounts with Sony, Adobe and my public library wasn't terribly hard, just time consuming. I will admit it took me some time to figure out how to get the book I borrowed from the library on to the eReader.

And if anyone has an eReader, I'd love to hear what kind you have, and what you think of it.

Until next time....

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