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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Covers Complete!

After much arranging, re-arranging and agonizing, the cover of my gatefold album is complete. Now I just have to do all those inside pages! I'm also going to change that stamp on the post card. I plan to buy stamps on our trip, and use those on the post card. More about that in a future post!

I was playing around with my Tattered Angels Glimmer Chips and Glimmer Glass, and the little fish was the result. I painted the chip part with Luminere Paint, and then spread glossy accents over top, and popped on a matching Glimmer Glass piece. Annoyingly, not all the chips have matching glass pieces.

I also tried some other types of paints, and learned that thicker paint is not better, it makes the little designs in the chips disappear. And less is more when you work with these, if the chips get too wet the paper on the surface of them starts to "pill" and rub off. Painting on Glimmer Mist seems to work better than spraying (for me anyway, those darn sprayers clog), and Distress Inks lightly brushed over the tops work to pick up the ridges on the chips and so make the pattern on them stand out.

And now, its on to the inner pages! Until I have some to show you, ta-ta!

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