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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Title Page

For some reason (that probably has its roots in elementary school), I decided that I needed to have a title page. There was just something about opening the book and landing on DAY ONE that didn't appeal to me. Also, I reasoned that I would end up with 32 pages in this book, or else a blank one at the end, and that would just be awkward. And besides that, I realized that no where on the cover had I indicated what year we were in.

So the Title Page was born. I was able to fussy cut some flowers (also from the Jovial line), play with some Stickles, plus I was able to further deviate from my rule of using what I have on hand to GO OUT AND BUY A NEW DIE! Yes, when I saw that reindeer (or whatever member of the deer family it is), I just knew I had to have that in my book. Do you see how things get out of control for me?

Until tomorrow....

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  1. Oh my, I love this x 1000! I have seriously used up most of my Jovial pad and was thinking of buying another for next year!