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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lesley Makes "Molly Makes" Crochet Brooch in 2 Days!

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I saw a "Molly Makes" magazine with a crochet flower brooch included, the evening before the crop.  "Hmmm,", I thought, "that might be fun to take to the crop and make...."

So it came to the crop with me, and after the first disastrous attempt, I realized something was very wrong. 
Attempt #2 - worse that the first
Attempt #3 - okay, I give up.  For today, anyway.

Once home, I got on the Internet to try and figure out what went so terribly wrong.  Well, for starters, there was a tiny error in the pattern.  But even that was not enough to explain the crazy results I had come up with (one attempt, I think it was #2, looked like a fan.  Def. not right).

Then I turned to YouTube, where you can learn to do just about anything.  I was amazed to see a video of someone making this flower!  However, there was no sound, no instruction, and if I could crochet that fast, I'd be making about one flower in 5 minutes.

Over to Google, where I discovered someone had kindly written out the pattern in my-speak on their blog, and had photos to go with it!  So there I was, in front of the computer, with the magazine instructions, the YouTube video, and the blog.  And strict instructions for the family not to talk to me until I had this thing figured out.

After several attempts and bad words, I finished a flower.  The pink yarn that came with pattern was, by this time, quite frayed and fuzzy looking, so I went out and bought some purple cotton to make a "finished" version.  I decided it needed a centre, and so added a bead. 

This little brooch is now on it's way to England, as a gift for my son's girlfriend.  I had to include a custom's slip, explaining what was in the envelope and how much it cost.  I'm sure the post office people hear all kinds of things, and that's why they just gave me a blank stare when I tried to describe what I was mailing.

Until next time.....

P.S.  I did manage to finish my Mexico mini-book at the crop, despite my crochet shenanigans (is that even a word?)

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