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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Know What the H$#@ I Got....

It's true.... I have a lot of stuff.  And when I'm out shopping, sometimes I'm not sure exactly what I have, and what I don't.  So I have created this little book to take care of that.

The paper I used was Basic Grey's Curio, which included the sticker sheet.  Unlike G45, this line doesn't have a lot pages you can fussy cut from, so the stickers were very useful.  I haven't shown all the pages, but you get the idea.  The size is 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches.  It's big enough for lists, but not too big to carry around.

The title page is flat.  There are no frilly flowers or sticking up items.  This is because this book is meant to be USED.  It's purpose in life is to go in my purse, and come into stores with me, not to sit on a shelf and look pretty.  There is an elastic cord attached to the back cover that flips around and holds the pages closed.

Inside, I created the pages for lists from a computer program (nothing fancy, just the one that came with the computer.)  I set the page to "landscape", and created 2 columns.  The lined paper was easily made with the underscore key.  I printed the lines on both sides of the paper.  Then I just had to cut the papers in half.

For every section, I made a title page.  Again, no bulky embellisments allowed!  The titles were made on the computer, and then stamped with a border (Basic Grey).

The book is bound with a Bind-it-All, and 5/8 inch coils. 

What is really amazing about this book is that it's FINISHED.  Not all my projects turn out that way.  This weekend I'm going to an all day crop, which I'm very excited about.  I'm hoping that Mexico book can finally be put to bed, so I can start on something else!!

Until next time...
(I'm seriously getting annoyed with Blogger and the difficutly I have in placing pictures. I guess I should just feel lucky today that these pictures aren't sideways!)


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