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Monday, January 16, 2012


So here it is, mid-January, (Blue Monday, according to the news people, the most depressing day of the year) and I realize that I have not posted to this blog for a while. And my EXCUSES are many. 1) I was working. 2) There were all these holidays. 3) I was working (oh, I already did that one!) 4) I have been busy with my New Years Resolutions (Ok, that 's just a lie).

I read back, and I see I promised to post some PHOTOS of the lovely gifts I made for some people on my Christmas list. I don't have those photos, because I wrapped the gifts and gave them away, and then it just seemed awkward and weird to say, "By the way, can I take a picture of the present I gave you to post on my blog?" So you will just have to take my word for it that I actually COMPLETED 3 gifts in time for Christmas. I knitted 3 pairs of finger-less gloves (so easy, without those digits to consider!) and a rather clever picture frame. I hid a gift card for a photo session in a picture frame I decorated.

Anyway, on to those New Years Resolutions, I didn't bother making any, as I knew I would break them before the month was out. Oh yes, I had a few planned out, by why kid myself? I make the same ones every year, anyway. I'm sure you know what they are, they are the same one every crafter makes, be they quilters, scrapbookers or cross stitchers.

NUMBER ONE: Finish up those unfinished projects. The reality? Create more unfinished projects you can make resolutions about next year.

NUMBER TWO: No buying anymore new craft stuff until you use up some of your stash. Yeah, right! With all those after Christmas sales? I broke that one in the first week, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

NUMBER THREE: Schedule crafting time in your calendar, so you can work on Resolution Number One. Okay, as soon as I make the bed do the dishes put another load of laundry in pick up the kids call the vet pay the bills sweep the floor.... We all know the reality of that one!

Whatever your Resolutions are (or as in my case, were) I wish you a Happy New Year, and many happy creative days. And now I'm going to work on my Basic Grey Calendar. Yes, for 2012!

Until next time....

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