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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Count down to Crop

Yes, the crop is only TWO SLEEPS away, and I have not started packing for it yet.  Unless you have attended crops, you won't understand the craziness of this.  Why would I need so much time to pack a few papers, glue and scissors?   The answer is simple.  I am going to have 12 hours of uninterrupted time to create, think, scrapbook, colour or whatever I want.  There won't be any laundry.  Or meals.  The only distraction will be the vendors, and I can handle that.  So I must plan, and plan carefully, to make sure I have everything my current project will require.  This means I will have to THINK AHEAD, which is not something I always do.  I often forget things.  Like my pictures.

The first crop I ever went to was a 2 day affair, and a 2 hour drive away.  You can imagine my dismay to realize that I had left all my photos behind. 

Another time, I neglected to bring my pictures as well, but I was close enough that I could just drive home and get them.  (It was a mistake to go home.  The dog wanted out, someone wanted a ride somewhere, and I couldn't help noticing the pile of laundry....)

I've also forgotten papers, glue and my work mat, but often I can buy what I need, or make do.  I really can't manage without my pictures, which are my inspiration for the pages I make.

Which brings me to a realization:  If I created scrapbook pages with no photos, I think it would be easier.  My problem is coordinating the papers and embellishments to colours and objects I see in the photo.  No images would mean that I could just make a page, and not worry about the picture fitting in or agonizing over colour choice, or fretting if that embellishment is obscuring  a vital image in the corner of the photo.  But that would take all the fun away, wouldn't it?

Until next time......

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